All Things Made New

More Than Gold

A program for middle school and high school girls who meet throughout the week to join together as they journey through life, supporting one another, helping each other, and creating lasting memories. This is a safe place where they can connect with others, find encouragement, be mentored and build on their commonalities, experience fun and give back to the community. Our goal is to develop a foundation in faith, friendships, family, financial responsibility, and futures filled with opportunity.

Middle School Girls Nights: Tuesdays 6:00 – 8:00 PM
High School Girls Nights: Thursdays 6:00 – 8:00 PM


"I love All Things Made New’s program, More than Gold, because whenever I think of it I always think of this safe, positive environment. Everyone there understands and the mentors do a good job of helping guide you into being the type of person you want to be."




Michelle Flores

Founder & CEO

Michelle Flores is the founder of All Things Made New. As a wife, mother of 2 precious daughters, sister, daughter, friend, and Christian she strives to make a difference in the world and inspire hope and change in people around her.

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Monique De La Cruz

Co- Leader & Mentor

Monique has been volunteering with ATMN since 2015. We are thankful for everything she does for our girls program, More than Gold. She has a true heart of gold and serves along side of us with kindness and poise.

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