All Things Made New



Adan & Michelle Flores

Adan Flores is the co-leader for Iron Roots and the husband of All Things Made New founder, Michelle Flores. Their joy, smiles, love and laughter are contagious and they are an integral part of why All Things Made New began, to make the world a better place for them to grow up in

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David & Monique De La Cruz

David De La Cruz is the director and leader for Iron Roots. His precious wife Monique has been volunteering with ATMN since 2015. We are thankful for everything she does for our girls program, More than Gold.  She has a true heart of gold and serves along side of us with kindness and poise.

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Maggie Fardella

Maggie is a mother, a wife, and a counselor by trade.  She works for a school district counseling children, young people and their parents.  She has always enjoyed helping and working with others.

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Paul & Hollie Ybarra

Paul and his wife Hollie Ybarra are the founders of SetFree ministry. Paul is an extraordinary Pastor, carpenter, and father. Hollie works in Human Resources and loves to garden, cook, and spend time with her son, Colton and their pups.

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